John Knapton

Consulting civil structural and highway engineer

(Updated 10th February 2021)



Specialising in:

Concrete & Asphalt Pavements

Structural Engineering

Aircraft, Port, & Highway Pavements

Port, Highway & Aerodrome Civil Engineering Infrastructure

Industrial Floors & Hardstandings

Historic Bridges

Reinforced & Prestressed Concrete

Durability of Concrete

Concrete & Brick Pavers

Permeable Paving and Sustainable Drainage

Slope Stability, Site investigation


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During January 2004, JK drove a distance of 6,000 miles from Newcastle, UK to his village of Ekumfi-Atakwa in Ghana with BBC's Mark Batey. Click here for a detailed account of the 16 days journey.


 9/11 20 Years On:



Click here for structural engineering background to the attack.

Here for JK's WTC teaching web page.

Here for JK's role in the WTC investigation.


Click here to read "THE PENTAGON REPORT" 



More items of engineering interest:

JK's design method for permeable pavements or here to see his published paper

Information on JK's books on industrial floors, hardstandings and roads

 Important source of information on concrete block paving

JK's work in Ghana

Local newspaper report on "Winking Eye" bridge

JK's design method:  Structural design of port & industrial pavements


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(These pages were developed by JK during the 1990s for use by his civil and structural engineering students and also for his students of architecture. They remain as an early example of the use of the web in teaching.)



(These pages were used by JKs students in the 1990s as real world examples of structures which embodied many of the concepts which he taught to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Newcastle University)




Elementary Structural Design (CIV131)

Reinforced concrete bridge collapse, Ghana

Paraguayan Pavers

Elementary Structural Design Coursework (CIV131)

Cragside Iron Bridge, Rothbury, UK

The streets of Pompeii & Paestum

Structural Modelling & Testing (CIV135)

Volta Bridge & Lake, Ghana

Permeable Pavements for Supermarket Car Parks

Reinforced concrete notes (CIV235)

Three Northumbrian Bridges, Northumberland, UK

Paving through the ages

Structural Modelling & Testing (2) (CIV135)

Leazes Arcade Refurbishment, Newcastle, UK

Permeable Pavement Full Scale Trials

Structures III for Stage 3 Architects (CIV338)

Rialto Bridge, Venice

Permeable paving at Santos Container Yard, Brazil (1996)

Matrix Analysis of Structures (CIV833)

Theory of Structures C (CIV334)

St. James' Park, Newcastle United FC

Structural design of highways surfaced with pavers

Specialist Structures (CIV438)

Industrial Building, Tyneside, UK

Structural design of port & industrial pavements

Newcastle Students in Ekumfi-Atakwa, Ghana

Collection of bridges

Research into innovative pavers


Stability of memorials in cemeteries

International Conference Papers

World Trade Center Attack

Segedunum Observation Tower, Wallsend, UK

 Paver bedding sands

Steel section properties

Galpharm Stadium, Huddersfield, UK

JK's books on floors and external hardstandings


JK designed a new stand for his local football club, Whitley Bay FC, click here for details.